Saturday, October 30, 2004


Yes, after many years of neglect and abuse, the issue of social justice has finally yielded to the forces of nature. It was no longer able in the face the bold attacks on it's principles. It no longer has the strength to continue fighting. So the issue of social justice has made the decision to check into the emergency room.
On first examination we find the patient's vital signs are extremely weak. The patient seems to have sustained repeated attacks on it's fundamental principles over a number of years. One would think that in a democracy, social justice would flourish and be instrumental in the evolution of our country. One would think that the principles of social justice would be the driving force behind the evolution of our political institutions and laws. One would think that our education system would have sown the seeds of social justice in the minds of our young. And finally, one would think that social justice would have a dominate place in the consciousness of Americans. A democracy seems like an ideal place for social justice to flourish. So why has it come to the E.R. in a near death state?

Friday, October 29, 2004

Social Justice: The Forgotten Issue

Social justice is the probably the most important issue of our times. It is an issue that is ignored or goes unnoticed. It is a issue that lies underneath the fabric of our society. Whether it is workers rights, human rights, civil rights, or women's rights, it all comes down to the issue of social justice. Are we as a culture, as a government, as a nation ready to focus our attention toward targeting the issue that transcends all others? Are we ready to bring the issue of social justice out into the open? I think we as Americans need to send this issue to the emergency room for an examination. I invite everyone to join in this examination.

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