Monday, November 08, 2004

Living Wage Band-aid?

The movement toward a living wage in towns and cities across America is an example of what many people see as bringing a piece of “what is just” to the millions of the working poor. It is of course a step in the right direction. Besides helping lift the working poor out of the deep hole of poverty, it also serves raise the awareness of the issue. City officials all over the country who tend to have little understanding of the realities of living on the bottom of their society are forced to look at the shocking statistics. They become at least conscious of the “economically challenged” as the CEO of Wal-Mart recently described them. They must face the fact that sometimes thousands of their fellow citizens work 40, 50 and 60 hours a week to live in misery. So is this a band-aid approach to helping those who the system has left behind?


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