Friday, January 07, 2005

Leadership: The Driving Forces

Will a great leader arise to lead America in this time of need?
Throughout history great leaders seems to always arise when they are needed. It is hard to imagine our Unions survival during the Civil War without Abraham Lincoln. It is impossible to imagine Great Britain surviving the German bombings without Winston Churchill. It is equally as hard to imagine the civil rights movement without Martin Luther King Jr. There seems to be many forces at work that foster the emergence of leadership in individuals. I can think of six major driving forces behind the rise of leadership.

The nature of the cause
The passion for the cause
The ability to focus on the cause
The commitment to the cause
The ability to communicate
The chance event of being in the right place at the right time

It also appears that many of the greatest leaders have come from the ranks of the working people. At the opposite ends of the god and evil spectrum, Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler are good examples of men with extraordinary leadership abilities who came from very humble backgrounds. It could also could be said that some histories worst leaders were installed, assumed a throne or seized power by force. So was our current president installed or did he assume the throne?


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