Sunday, March 20, 2005

Iraq: 2 Years and Counting Without the Truth!

We need to start thinking about how we will answer the questions that will be asked more and more as this spirals to its bloody conclusion. “What did my child die for?” - will be in the minds and then on the lips of the loved ones. “What have we accomplished?” “What was our mission?” “Why has a pointless crusade of madmen taken what is most precious to me?” Do we lie and say, “Your son died to protect democracy?” Or do we speak the truth and say, “Your son died for NOTHING?” We must honor our fallen countrymen, we must comfort their families, we must have them in our thoughts and in our prayers but we must also SPEAK the TRUTH about their needless sacrifice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came acrossed this and I felt compelled to comment on this. I have seen rants like this one time and again and find it hard to believe that so many people do not understand how the military works. Whatever the reason someone has for joining the military is irrelevant. When you join the service, you take an oath to serve the United States (her civilians, her NCO's, and her commissioned officers). We are not serving at your behest. We are serving to protect you because you can't protect yourselves. However, we do not die for YOU. When we are on the battlefield, we die for the person next to us. For that man, or woman, who has the courage to put on that uniform and pick up that rifle and serve with us. We aren't dieing for freedom, democracy, some foreign country, or for you. It's for that person standing next to us putting his or her life on the line. You are merely reaping the benefits of our death. How dare any among you who have not taken the time out of your lives to serve your fellow American dare to say that any one soldier's, or Marine's, death was needless. Because of that one person's death another person is probably alive today. We will gladly sacrifice our lives for the man or woman next to us if needs be. However, just because you weren't in any danger doesn't mean it was a needless sacrifice. Ask the many men and women who are alive today because of Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith if his death was needless. Ask the other hundreds and thousands of American troops who are alive today because of the sacrifices of our brothers and sisters in arms if they're deaths were needless. You claim to want to honor us but your words are empty. What would be worthy sacrifice to you? Saving a thousand lives? A million? How about just one? If I go home tomorrow because the man next to me gave his life for me, that man is the greatest man who ever lived. We are all grown adults in the all-volunteer military. We make our own choices, to some degree. The one choice that we don't make is when to die. We die when the man next to us needs us to, either by his immediate need or by the orders of those appointed over us (by you the voters, the President of the United States, or those officers appointed over us). We do this because we are disciplined. We have a sense of honor, courage, committment, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, and integrity. These are the core values of the men and women of the military. More than can be said of most Americans. We have the discipline to follow orders because we know that others depend on our doing so. We don't die when you feel that it is OK for us to die. Well, I'm done ranting. I can be reached at if you would care to make an attempt at disagreeing with me.

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Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

Thanks for your response to my “rant.” I am so happy I finally got someone to respond to this posting. I must set the record straight on one detail. This rant was carefully designed to get an emotional response. I am just happy I finally got someone to take the bait. I was trying to stimulate cognitive dissonance. Perhaps, you could read the postings I have on propaganda. At the end of these postings, I plan to deal with cognitive dissonance. This “rant” is really part of the postings on propaganda. Check it out! Oh, I respectfully disagree with you. I just want people to think and to question what is going on. I’m sorry but blind obedience is just that, “blind.”

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