Friday, March 04, 2005

Welcome……. To The Machine!

After the last election, millions of us stood in disbelief of the reelection of George Bush. This combined with defeats in the House and the Senate handed the entire government to the GOP. How could this happen? This makes no sense? How could a president and his party not only survive the errors of the last four years but actually strengthen their grip on America? The Bush administration has in the last four years created enough problems to bring any two administrations down. Yet millions of Americans support this president and conservative power structure he represents! Can they not see the forest for the trees? Are they blind to the lies, the half-truths, and the deceptions? Do they not understand that instead of being in a “war,” we are really in an “occupation” of a foreign country? Do they not remember that this President and his party sold themselves as being fiscally responsible? Are the American people blind to the truth?

Yes, a large segment of the American people do not see or comprehend the realities of our situation. Our population has been and is right now being subjected to what can only be described as “mass opinion conditioning.” The most efficient propaganda machine that has ever existed is at work in our country. It has all the tools it needs and thousands of skilled practitioners with millions of dollars at their disposal.

Over the course of the next few publications, I am going to try to examine this subject. I will do my best to expose the characteristics of the propaganda machine we now face. It is my hope that I will at least provide some insight into how and why this machine has been so effective. And finally, it is my ultimate goal to expose the collective cognitive dissonance that is created by and then exploited by this propaganda machine. Stay tuned!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget to include "The History Channel" in your work! I watched yesterday as they aired films that seemed to be intended to build our own nationalism.

11:43 AM  
Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

"Just give me the truth - all I want is the truth!"

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

You can start your searching with Karl Rove. Like Bush said upon winning the election, "I'd like to thank the Architect, Karl Rove." That statement was so very true in, not just the figurative meaning, but the literal as well. I personally don't despise Rove, rather, I think he is a political genius who just happens to have no morals, nor any qualms about destroying the "enemy". Do some research on why Karl is as good as he is. Specifically look at the Alabama Supreme Court race back in, I think, 1994. It will definitely shed some light on how we got to where we are today.


9:00 PM  

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