Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Propaganda Machine Tools: Plain Folks

Plain-folks is a propaganda tool that is designed to build trust by identifying with a specific class, subculture, or religious sect. The plain-folks propaganda tool seeks to bridge the enormous differences that exist between the rulers and the ruled. All propaganda attempts to send messages that rely on emotional triggers that move minds from logical perceptions toward non-logical, non-intuitive evaluations. Plain-folks is a perfect vehicle to launch any variety of propaganda attacks. Even if the facts clearly tell us that a large percentage of our national elected officials are wealthy, we somehow feel better when we watch them clear some brush or chop some wood. Even if the facts clearly tell us that our national leaders engage in very unchristian like behavior, we somehow feel better when we watch them pray in a Christian church. So the vehicle of plain-folks is platform from which the propagandist can project an image that people can relate to. He is just like me! He understands me! Once the identification and the pseudo-relationship is established, it is nearly impossible to shake the true believers back into the real world. Much of President Bush’s popular appeal can be traced back to the skillful use of plain-folks tools. Karl Rove was able to construct an appealing, folksy, straight talking President from a spoiled rich simpleton. George Bush was the perfect piece of clay and Karl Rove was the perfect potter.



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