Friday, July 15, 2005

Bush / Cheney: Just a Dream!

2006 Dream Team
I know it will never happen, but the thought of these two wearing prison orange is

exhilarating. Perhaps Karl Rove could be their advisor in prison. But then Karl might

also be in prison and unable to help the dynamic duo. Yes, I am just a dreamer and

this is just a dream!


Blogger The Progressive said...

Wake up, Butts! It could happen. However, the prerequisite is to restore a Democrat majority in the House in 2006. If that happens, I believe we'll see articles of impeachment coming out of it. There's certainly no lack of evidence to convict Bush of high crimes. I'm no Democrat, but I know which way we all need to cast our votes next year if we want to see the crooks in the White House move into the Big House.

11:46 PM  

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