Sunday, July 03, 2005

Not Dominion, But Liberty

Published in The Nation Written by John Nichols

As the 229th anniversary of the founding of the American experiment approached, President Bush provided a painful reminder of how far the United States has drifted from the ideals of her youth.

Speaking to soldiers who would soon be dispatched to occupy Iraq, Bush sounded an awfully lot like the King George against whom George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the other revolutionaries of 1776 led their revolt.

America was founded in opposition to empire. The Declaration of Independence was a manifesto against colonialism. And the founding generations abhorred imperialism.

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Blogger nascarblue said...

Good article. Hey, I think it's time to give your Karl Rove/Josef Goebbel's report another look. There are so many similiarities, especially after this latest confirmed report that Rove is the culprit in the Valerie Plame leak case. I think the "journalists" involved are really nothing more than political operatives who are wrapping themselves in the Constitution and cowtowing on television as victims. How anyone can feel sorry for Judith Miller is beyond me. Why the NY Times keeps her employed is puzzling. She's been outed not once, but many times when it come to honest reporting. With the early 2005 revelations that "journalists" like Armstrong Williams and Maggie Gallagher had been getting paid off by the Bushie's to push Bush propaganda, it shouldn't come as any surprise that WMD Judy, and Prince of Darkness Bob Novak are involved. In my opinion, this is just another one of the Rove/Goebbels manuveurs to further control the press and further protect against any future real investigative reporting of the government. Stick to the missing white women and Michael Jackson.

So by law Rove should be tried for "treason", ironically the title of GOP attack queen Ann Coulter's best selling book. What I find even more ironic is the fact that Poppa Bush 41 is the president who enacted this law specifically holding any official guilty of treason if they endanger CIA operations and CIA officers safety, by releasing the name and mission of Valerie Plame in Iraq.
It's no accident that this Bush administration has broken all history book records when it comes to secrecy. Up until Bush junior, presendential papers had been released regularly. Now the annual amount is almost ten time less and he has unprecendentally resealed the Reagan and Poppa Bush papers. Why? Because it would reveal that Poppa Bush and his minions, many who now work with Junior, were huge crooks. Coke, heroin, guns, missles,chemical and biological weapons, funding and training of Islamic, Honduran, Haitian, Salvadorian, Columbian, Chilean, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, Panamanian, and Cuban TERRORISTS to terrorize and overthrow democratic governments around the world.

Sorry to ramble. I'd like to see some fresh reports on the Rove tactics.

2:50 PM  
Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

The ramble thing is good – yes – I just finished reading the latest confirmed report that Rove is the culprit in the Valerie Plame leak case. Karl Rove is the evil bastard behind this criminal administration. Karl Rove is the kingmaker. There are many similarities and parallels between Roves and Goebbels rise to power. We are fortunate that Rove unlike Goebbels doesn’t have complete control over information distribution. We need to be thankful for the Internet and thousands of bloggers who are fighting this tide of fascism. I would also like to see our corporate media act like journalists and dig into Karl Rove's activities. That does not seem all that likely considering their recent track record.

3:51 PM  

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