Friday, September 30, 2005

The House that George Built

For all of us who have spent the last 5 years shaking our heads in disgust and disbelief, these last few weeks have been quite exciting. The house that George built appears to be falling into hundreds of splintered pieces like many of the hurricane-ravaged homes of the Gulf. The lot for George’s house was bought by Corporate America. The foundation was built with extreme right wing ideology. The walls were built with lies and deceptions. The roof was built with Christian fundamentalism. The house that George built has special doors that only open for crooks, liars, thieves and murders. The house that George built has a high fence which has a wide hole torn in it. The winds of truth and waves of reality are causing severe damage. One wall and part of the roof is completely separated from the structure. Sunlight is now streaming in on the occupants. America and the world are now, for the first time, seeing the reality of what lies within.


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