Thursday, November 24, 2005

The State of the Union

There is change in America. It can be seen on the faces of ordinary people. In the shopping malls and on the city streets, it covers our country like an unseen blanket. Everyone feels it, either consciously or unconsciously. You can hear attached to conversations. You can see it the eyes of people. The country that used to be the place that was filled with the greatest sense of optimism is now filled with a feeling of pessimism. The country that used to offer hope to its citizens and the citizens of the world, now offers something completely different. The world looked up to us. We made everything possible. Our spirit as a country and a people made the world envy us. Our inventions and industries were the marvels of the world. Our continually growing standard of living had brought the average worker from the depths of servitude into the world of dignity. In America things were always getting better. We took it all for granted, I guess. We all expected that America would always be the place where everyone had a chance to make a life that is better than the life our parents had. We let it all slip away from us. As we turned a blind eye, our greatness, our optimism, our American soul was stolen by thieves or sold to the highest bidder. You do not see optimism on the faces of ordinary people today. You do not see the look that things are going to get better. What you do see is; things are bad now and things are going to get much worse. Farewell, to the land of opportunity. Welcome, to the land of misery.


Anonymous Bulldog said...

Hey L.S.,

Happy Thanksgiving! I refuse to believe that the optimism is completely gone. If it were, there wouldn't be sites like yours or mine out there. We may sound mighty pissed off at what is happening, but I think that's because we KNOW this country can do better. The dour looks on people's face reflect that, not the loss of our optimism. Sure, there are some out there that have become apathetic, but the majority of us that oppose the style of government the Bush Administration has thrust upon us know that we can and WILL do better in the long run. If it turns out we can't, you may want to get ready for Civil War II where the Blue States secede from the union.

9:04 AM  
Blogger JusticeE.R. said...

I can always count of you, Bulldog, to give me that great "let's take the bastards on, attitude". That is exactly what we need here. I am looking at this from the perspective of someone who grew up in the 50s and 60s. I remember the pride and (can do) attitude that America had back then. I remember a time when unions proudly represented many of our workers and jobs were plentiful. I guess we must always remember that the rich and powerful will always seek to subjugate the majority of people, if given a chance. Our blindness and our apathy have let them steal the heart and soul of our country. We must now, take it back!

4:54 PM  

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