Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tide Commericals and Toothpaste Ads

I am not one to watch much television, but on the occasions when I do decide to tune into the corporate media, I am always amazed by the commercials. The advertisements that used to sell us soap powder and toothpaste have been replaced by something very different. We all scratch our heads and wonder why we are being sold on a drug that only our doctor can prescribe. It’s hard to imagine recommending a particular drug that you saw on TV, to your doctor, for your own treatment. I may be missing something here, but what they are really selling here is acceptance.

I am also somewhat amazed by these ads depicting upper class individuals doing all kinds of amazing upper class things. How many Americans buy stocks on their laptops from home as their spoiled daughter asks for money to buy designer jeans? How many Americans buy their wife or husband a Lexus for Christmas? Who are these people? I am living in the wrong area of the country? I may be missing something here, but what they are really selling here is a dream.

Yes, as I get older, I miss the good old days of Tide commercials and toothpaste ads. At least, we could get a little excited about the shit we were buying. I don’t know about you, but no amount of slick advertisements are going to convince me that the drug companies are not fucking us. And they can take their (carrot on a stick) upper class wet dreams back to their gated communities and summer homes. We are not about to replace our real dreams with their lies.


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