Sunday, March 26, 2006

The End of the American Oligarchy?

We can learn a lot about the present, if we examine the past. The establishment of democracies in Greece, around 500 BC, can give us some perspective on our current situation in the United States.

Sparta at the time was the only state in Greece, which continued to retain a kingly form of government. In all other parts of Greece, royalty had been abolished and various forms of republican governments had been established. An oligarchy or the government of the few, followed the abolition of all the Greek monarchies. But it was not from the people that these oligarchies received their greatest challenges. The usurpers, to whom the Greeks gave the name of TYRANTS, overthrew them. The Greek word Tyrant does not correspond to the same English word. Despot or an (irresponsible ruler) is a more accurate translation.

So the question is: Has George W. Bush, the usurper, the despot, dealt a deathblow to the oligarchy that currently rules America?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Judging George W. Bush

How will George W. Bush be judged by history? You decide which category he will be in. Is he a killer or a hero?



Pick one?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Manhattan Project to Save the World

It is starting to be accepted by many people across our planet, that global warming is not something that may be happening, but as something that is happening. What scientists have been talking about and have been predicting for many years, appears to be a growing reality. There is stark daily evidence that Greenland’s ice is melting at an alarming rate. Recent data from the NASA/German Aerospace Center Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) found that Antarctica’s ice sheet mass has decreased significantly from 2002 to 2005.

There is a good chance that our planet may be headed to a point of no return. Massive shifts in the planets weather patterns and host of related climate change events may be almost inevitable. We may only have a chance to slow down this process and extend the day of reckoning for our civilization. Then again, there may be a slight possibility that if we start now, we can delay or even stop the planets accelerating warming process. The important point here is, that we need to start now on a solution, before it is too late. We need a new Manhattan Project.

The first Manhattan Project was our governments massive secret program to build the first atomic bomb. Its sole purpose was to create a device with unimaginable destructive power. In a relatively short number of years, after the first atomic bombs were produced, the two super powers at the time, possessed world annihilating destructive power.

I propose that our country embark on a second Manhattan Project. A Manhattan Project to save the world instead of destroy it. I propose that our country, led by a massive governmental commitment, marshal the intellectual, creative, design, and manufacturing forces of our country, to replace our dependence on fossil fuels. The design, manufacturing and then implementation of alternative (non-fossil fuel) energy alternatives would provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs for Americans. In additon to eliminating the major source of green house gas emissions, new industries would be created with a myriad of benefits for our country.

There is still a chance for America. We still have a chance to honor our responsibilities to the next generation. We still have a chance to reserve a spot in history, as the country, that saved the world.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Inspiring a Vision for the Future

The liberal community is good at understanding the issues that face our country. They talk and write about them endlessly. They constantly reinforce their own views, while propping each other up, on what they consider to be, the moral high ground.

All this is good, of course, to some extent. Unfortunately, there are two very important missing elements. These missing elements are very well understood by the Corporate Right. I call these elements; the how and why of position presentations. Let’s start with the how part first.

How, a view or position is presented is almost more important than the actual content of the position. Liberals seem to always to be gearing their presentations toward other liberals. They have become the masters of preaching to their own choirs. One does not reach the everyday person on the street, with long-winded diatribes. You reach them with messages that are simple and clear, which include carefully weighted emotional appeals. You present to them, a direction and a choice, that is easy to understand.

The why part of the presentation equation, seems to be almost completely missing from most liberals thought processes. Unlike the Corporate Right, they never direct their thoughts or speeches toward clearly articulated goals. We saw in the last presidential election, speech after speech of carefully crafted presentations designed to move people to predetermined goals. They were able to create a vision (however false), and give people a reason, to buy their lies.

So, it is not enough to occupy the moral high ground or have the ability to be articulate about your possession of it. We liberals need a vision for the future. We need vision that stimulates our emotions as well as our brains. We need a vision that can inspire us to inspire the American people.

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