Sunday, March 26, 2006

The End of the American Oligarchy?

We can learn a lot about the present, if we examine the past. The establishment of democracies in Greece, around 500 BC, can give us some perspective on our current situation in the United States.

Sparta at the time was the only state in Greece, which continued to retain a kingly form of government. In all other parts of Greece, royalty had been abolished and various forms of republican governments had been established. An oligarchy or the government of the few, followed the abolition of all the Greek monarchies. But it was not from the people that these oligarchies received their greatest challenges. The usurpers, to whom the Greeks gave the name of TYRANTS, overthrew them. The Greek word Tyrant does not correspond to the same English word. Despot or an (irresponsible ruler) is a more accurate translation.

So the question is: Has George W. Bush, the usurper, the despot, dealt a deathblow to the oligarchy that currently rules America?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a better description would be: has dubya exposed america's weakness?

i suspect america's economic structure is not capable of sustaining a large army overseas, and in any event, it appears that hiring and maintaining a small mercenary army is overstressing the economy. since the current levels of deployment are unable to bring order to bagdad, the military aspect of imperialism seems obsolete.

since america's 'wealth' is counted in a currency that may be vastly overvalued by objective measures, the possibility of catastrophic re-evaluation may arise if faith is lost in the power or leadership of america.

dubya has revealed that america's leadership is weak, selfish, possibly insane. consequently, his government may be the last to be feared or even respected.

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