Sunday, May 07, 2006

A New Name for Our Corporate Oligarchy

It just struck me the other day, after discussing the various transgressions of our government with a colleague, that the word oligarchy needs to be changed. In an age of euphemisms and spin, a word like oligarchy is sadly in need of replacement. Just saying the word oligarchy can elicit a deer in the head lights response, followed by a severe glazing of the eyes. So we need to make a change. Oligarchy is of course an old word. Its origins come from the Greek words for "few" (oligo) and "rule" (arkhos).

One of the most wonderful things about the English language is our ability to change it or in this case, to just make up new words. If enough people use it, soon it can be found in dictionaries around the country. So here is my new and improved word to describe our real system of government and replace that hard to say, hard to spell word; oligarchy!

GovCorp is a form of government where most or all political power effectively rests with a small segment of multinational corporations and bankers.

So there you have it. Oligarchy is out and GovCorp is in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A term for govcorp already exists

Govcorp is a theoretical plan of government conceived by Mormon philosopher Justin Heninger. The basic premise is "Communism without Socialism." The ideal of this system is that the government works for a profit, thereby competing with private entities to win the business of the citizens. The individual countries governed in the Govcorp system would be ruled over by some greater entity with only the power to uphold basic rights of the citizens (such as freedom of speech) and also to allow easy movement between the different countries.

Supporters of the Govcorp theory argue that government will become more responsive to the needs of individuals because of the potential financial benefit to the government. The government would attract more consumers by providing better services. In addition, the economy of a country under the Govcorp system would grow much stronger, as the lack of taxes would allow people to spend and save massive amounts of money.

Opponents point out that the U.S. government was laid out to help the needs of citizens and be independent to any outside competition from private entities.

As Heninger has begun to preach his message around the nation, the theory of Govcorp has started becoming a more mainstream ideology while, of course, earning its share of critics.

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