Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dark Ages America

I periodically recommend books that I feel are superior in their ability to illuminate and give us perceptive on the situation we currently find ourselves in. Dark Ages America is just such a book. Morris Berman paints a rather bleak but thoughtful and well researched analysis of the condition and the current direction of the United States. Historians now recognize that the fall of Rome, and the subsequent onset of the Dark Ages in Europe cannot be ascribed to any single cause. The truth is that Rome no longer knew how to live; its decline was the result of a general malaise and structural weakness that grew over time. In Dark Ages America, Morris Berman argues that much the same can be said of the United States today. As religion triumphs over reason, and democracy turns into plutocracy, the nation has entered a phase in its historical development from which there is no return.


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