Monday, October 09, 2006

Just Give Me the Truth!

It appears that in 29 days, many of the thieves and liars who now control the House of Representatives and the Senate will be looking for new jobs. So the question is: Where do the Democrats start? What mess do they start to unravel first? Which investigation should be first? What about impeachment of this president?

It is almost impossible for me to imagine, the Bush administration in a working relationship with a powerful opposition House and Senate. After so many years of compliant lap dogs and yes men, Emperor Bush and his henchmen will be operating in a new and hostile reality. Perhaps he will dissolve both houses and call for new elections, which is a time honored tradition of tyrants seeking absolute power. More likely, Fortress White House with high walls and a moat filled with media attack propagandists will emerge.

It may or may not matter, which hole in this sinking ship the Democrats attempt to fix first. The good ship America may be on its way down. There may be nothing we can do to stop its descent to the bottom. At least our people need to know why this has all happened and who is responsible. Perhaps the Democrats can tell our people:
  • The reasons their jobs, their futures and the futures of their children have been sacrificed on the altar of “free markets and globalization?”
  • Why millions around the world hate America and what it represents?
  • That peace is always better than war and killing is an abomination on the human soul!
Perhaps the Democrats can set us all free, by giving us what we so desperately need: The Truth!


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