Saturday, November 25, 2006

Get out of Iraq now!

We seem to now have everyone in our government running around trying to find some kind of solution to the Iraqi mess. The situation has shattered into a thousand pieces and there is no chance of putting them back together again. The odds are stacked against our lame politicians and ignorant policy experts. Here are three reasons why:

Political fragmentation and a resistance to a centralized government has been part of Iraqi history for thousands of years. From the beginning, (6000 B.C.) there have been three major factors that have inhibited political centralization:
  1. Iraq is an extremely threatening environment, driving its people to seek security from the extremes of nature. Throughout Iraqi history, various groups have formed autonomous, self-contained social units. Allegiance to ancient religious deities like the Shiat Ali (of party of Ali) or membership to one of a multitude of tribes was an effort to build autonomous security-providing structures. These structures have exerted a powerful influence on the direction of Iraqi culture.

  2. Iraq has a lack of stone, which historically severely hindered its ability to construct roads. As a result, many parts of the country remained beyond any government control for the majority of recorded history. Only within the last fifty years have modern roads been build to areas in Iraq that have spent thousands of years in relative isolation from the rest of the country and any type of centralized governmental control.

  3. Iraq’s geographic location is on the eastern flank of the Arab world. Iraq shares borders both non-Arab Turkey and Iran. Because of Iraq’s great agricultural potential in its river valley, it has always attracted waves of ethnically diverse migrations. These migrations have repeatedly disrupted the countries internal balance and lead to deep-seated ethnic and tribal divisions.
You don’t need a study group or panel of experts to figure this one out my friends. The only solution is get our troops out now. Anything else is just delaying the inevitable. Who wants to be the last American to die in Iraq?



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