Saturday, November 11, 2006

Removing Sir Karl Rove

So exactly when is someone in the media or in the Republican Party going to remove some of the shine from Sir Karl Rove’s armor? We all know that he is the boy wonder, the knight in shining armor from whom election miracles seem to spontaneously spring. The media routinely refers to him in a celebrity like context, never mentioning the true nature and viciousness of this man.

A few months back, as he escaped criminal prosecution and started working on the November election, I wrote an open letter to him. In that letter, I predicted that Karl and his tactics would be the ultimate undoing of the Republican Party.

So, when is Sir Rove going to lose his seat at King George’s table? When is Karl Rove going to be denounced by the true conservative Republicans of the party? When is Karl Rove going to be called out and held accountable by all who supported him, by all who worked for him, by all who were deceived by him? His great plan to build a party with unchallenged and unchecked power has instead brought it disaster and disgrace.

Karl Rove has been described as Bush’s brain. President Bush needs a new brain. Perhaps he could start by trying to use his own?



Anonymous Bulldog said...

Are you sure allowing Bush to use his own brain would be a good idea? I'd love to see Rove go down in the flames of the Fitzgerald investigation, but it's not looking too good right now. Hopefully, come January, Fitzgerald will get a boost to his investiation with the new Democratic Congress. Maybe then Rove will get his just desserts.

8:27 AM  

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