Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Compassion for the Silent Americans

All the excitement of the upcoming tenure of the new United States Congress seems to be filling the air with optimism. I guess I am somewhat optimistic. I think I am actually a little more pessimistically optimistic. Of course I want to see a change in the direction our country has taken. I want to see a stake driven into the heart of this vampire like administration before it sucks the very life out of our proud nation. I want to see the men and women of our military removed from Bush’s desert hell on earth. I want to see a dozen or so high priority items addressed first by this incoming Congress and then by the next administration.

It is my wish that all the items that need to be addressed or fixed also include the one that is nearest and dearest to my own heart. The poor, the working poor and struggling middle class in this country are for the most part, without a voice. The very fact that they struggle each day for their own economic survival, excludes them from much of the political process. They have no lobbyists to promote their issues, no PACs to funnel money to buy their influence. They must rely on the compassion and the desire for social justice from those in power. It is my hope that the next Congress and the next administration in 2008 will have the compassion and the heart to do what is right for a growing segment of our population. Time is running out for America. We must act now or be relegated to the footnotes of future history books.


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