Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wal-Mart just wants to plant some bushes

There was a time, when I was under the illusion, that having a cable connected to my television, could actually enhance my life. It seems with each passing day, I look for reasons to keep the electrons, from the hundreds of cable channels, flowing into my living room. And just when I think I have temporarily stilled my desire, to call my cable company, to ask for a disconnection, yet another corporate image repair ad campaign, assaults my consciousness. This time it’s Wal-Mart and their feel good, we are your neighbors, we bring you good jobs, we save your poor people money, campaign. The first time I saw this corporate image repair advertisement, I wanted to pitch my television set off my back deck and onto the pavement below.

My first thoughts after gaining control of my emotions were; “How much are these assholes spending to convince me, that they are really nice guys?" What exactly is the bill for a nationwide ad campaign, to spin the truth, using friendly faces and upbeat words?

Wal-Mart is probably spending millions on an effort to hide and lie, about what they have done and who they really are. Would it not make more sense to invest that money, in the 1.2 million (serfs) workers who daily toil for the American Wal-Mart machine?

My father, who spent 40 years in the construction business, once told me; “You got customers who will spend the money to fix the foundation of their house and then you got customers who just want to just plant some bushes to hide the cracks from the next buyer.”

Wal-Mart just wants to plant some bushes. Fixing the foundation is not on the agenda or in the budget.

For a great article on Wal-Mart from Alternet click here.


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