Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tony Snow (A Good Guy?)

As I listened to various corporate news people speak about Tony Snow’s latest cancer battle, I was shocked by the various newscasters brotherhood like displays of affection and praise for Tony. Chris Matthews on Tuesday’s edition of Hardball said: The White House announced today that Tony Snow‘s cancer has returned. I worry about him. I pray for him. I root for him. Tony Snow is a good guy. It has nothing to do with politics.

I’m sorry Chris, but the fact that Tony Snow is a good guy, (in your mind) does not make up for the fact he is working for, covering up for, lying for, some really evil people. This is not a fraternity and Tony is not just on another team. He has been the front man for the most disastrous administration in our nations history.

Yes, it’s unfortunate for him and his family that his cancer has returned. But I fail to see how anyone who as ever watched one of his news conferences could call him a “good guy.” He is a lying piece of shit, who used his agile tongue and slick media persona to help perpetuate lies, deceit, and death.

I do have some advice for Tony Snow, if he survives this latest bout with cancer. Tony, just in case there might actually be a heaven and a hell, it might be a good idea, with the time you have left on this earth, to actually do something good. Who knows what might happen?


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