Sunday, April 01, 2007

Corporate Sin, Circuit City, and the Firing of 3,400

After reading Circuit City to FIRE 3,400 & Then Hire CHEAPER Employees, I wrote to Circuit City to tell them a little of what I thought of them. I would hope others would do the same.
Customer Care Services,

I will encourage everyone I know to not shop at Circuit City. Your firing of 3400 (higher paid) senior employees is completely wrong. It is my hope that there is a special place reserved for your management in Hell.


LS Butts
Dear Valued Customer

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We value our customers' feedback.

As we stated in our news release yesterday, we are taking a number of actions to improve our cost and expense structure. We are holding ourselves accountable to our associates, our customers, our communities, and our shareholders to build a strong company that generates sustainable growth for the future.

Our goal is to provide superior service while effectively competing against low-cost retailers. We are working towards this goal by making changes, such as announced yesterday, and with the help of over 40,000 associates who keep our customers at the center of everything we do. We hope you will allow our Circuit City team to serve you in the future.


Customer Support Coordinator
Call CALL11191164
Dear S.Simmons,

Rehire these wronged employees and admit your mistake to the country. Sinful actions like this will bring bad to your company and bad to the people (like you) who perpetuate and rationalize such actions. There are hopes, dreams, children, grandchildren, aunts, and uncles behind the names of your fired employees. They are not just items on a balance sheet. I hope for your sake, that the day does not come, when your manager taps you on the shoulder and informs you, that after years of service and outstanding accomplishments, you are being replaced by cheaper help. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to prepare for this day. I would.

LS Butts

S.Simmons' E-Mail for anyone who also wants voice their opinion: S.Simmons Circuit City


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the biting satire of the idiots at Circuit City.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous CreditGuy said...

hah, your remarks are absolutely fair. I will write to them as soon as possible. I should couch my thoughts firstly.

1:58 AM  

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