Sunday, April 08, 2007

Republican Presidential Candidates?

Ok now, is there something I’m missing about our current Republican presidential candidates? Does this group have some qualities that I have overlooked? What a bunch of misfits and losers! The cream has been slowly rising to the top, but in this case it’s more like turds floating to the top of sewage treatment tank.

First, we have Rudy (I’m not a social liberal) Giuliani. Who is he trying to fool, for christ sake? Does he really think he can sell himself to millions of bible pounding Southern Christians who think the Rapture is upon us? Get real Rudy!

Second, we have Mitt (I've been a hunter all my life) Romney. What planet has he just arrived from? Mitt, in case you don’t know it, most Americans consider Mormons to be just a tiny bit on the weird side. Remember that the reason your faith is based in Utah is because the founders of your religion were driven out of the Eastern States. So now, we are going to elect a Mormon President? When snowballs sail through hell we will!

Third and finally, we have John (Baghdad market walking) McCain. Please someone; tell this man he needs to take his medication. John, the last time I looked up the word maverick, the definition was not, “A senator who blows the president on a regular basis”. Get a clue John; you have about the same chances of getting elected president, as Bush has of getting elected to another term. Zero!!

For a list of all announced and possible Republican presidential candidates click here.


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