Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will Bush/Cheney Leave Office on January 20, 2009?

After watching the movie, V for Vendetta again the other night, I was haunted by this question: Will the Bush/Cheney junta actually leave office on January 20, 2009? If you haven't seen the movie yet, I recommend that you watch it. See if the same question rises the surface of your consciousness. Reality can indeed be stranger and more frightening that fiction.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Redeployment of our Miltary in Iraq to our Southern Border

Sometimes the solution to one problem can lead to a solution to another problem. The ultimate solution to the Mexican immigration problem; lies in our assistance and partnership with all our southern neighbors to build economies that can effectively provide for their populations. In lieu of the implementation of such a strategy, it would probably make sense to at least temporarily, stop the immigration of people from the south to the north.

Short of building thousands of miles of border fencing that would turn our southern border into a DMZ like zone, the only reasonable short term security solution would be to use our regular military forces.

In the coming months, our hand wringing leaders on both sides of the aisle will be forced to talk about where our troops in Iraqi will be redeployed. They will be looking for the best way to spin our defeat. They will need a way to soften the upcoming national trauma of defeat and provide a mission for our broken military.

So why not redeploy our forces in Iraq to our southern border with Mexico? In addition to providing needed border security for our country, our military could train, rest, and reequip. We solve one problem, (border security) by solving another, (giving our military a mission and healing time).

Would anyone take an idea like this seriously? No, it makes too much sense.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Reality check: Defeat In Iraq, Losing a War

A national trauma very much like the trauma after the Vietnam War will soon be upon us. Christopher J. Fettweis does an excellent job setting the stage and giving us a perspective on losing a war.

Christopher J. Fettweis: Coming loss in Iraq will long plague us
The Vietnam syndrome divided this country for decades, and the Iraq syndrome will be no different.

Christopher J. Fettweis
Published: June 14, 2007
Losing hurts more than winning feels good. This maxim applies to virtually all areas of human interaction: sports, finance, love. And war.
Defeat in war damages societies quite out of proportion to what a rational calculation of cost would predict. The United States absorbed the loss in Vietnam quite easily on paper, for example, but the societal effects of defeat linger to this day. Defeats can have seemingly inexplicable consequences.
And as any sports fan can tell you, the only thing that feels worse than a loss is an upset. An upset demands explanation and requires that responsible parties be punished.
The endgame in Iraq is now clear, and it appears that the heavily favored United States will be upset. Once support for a war is lost, it is gone for good; there is no example of a modern democracy having changed its mind once it turned against a war. So we ought to start coming to grips with the meaning of losing in Iraq. Read entire article here


Friday, June 08, 2007

A Nation is Its People

Strange things happen to your point of view, once you start approaching 60 years old. So much of what was so important to you, now recedes into a zone of what we call, the past. The old car seems like a part of the family now. Absent is that desire for a new one. We have a history. We have seen a lot and traveled many roads together. There is no need for the shiny new paint or the fancy wheels of a replacement. We have a history. Yes, the things that we thought we needed and the things that we thought we needed to make anew, now hold almost no priority in our lives.

As age and the wisdom that grows with age, clears our vision and reorients our perspective, and we leave the years of cultural indoctrination behind, we finally discover what is really important. People!

Of all the things that are wrong or are going wrong with our great nation, what disturbs me now the most, is how we no longer value the true strength of our nation. We no longer value our people. A nation is its people. Any nation that fails to value its people is destined to become a footnote, to a litany of historical failures. I fear that the footnote for America has already been written and it’s just waiting to become some future printed words.

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