Friday, June 08, 2007

A Nation is Its People

Strange things happen to your point of view, once you start approaching 60 years old. So much of what was so important to you, now recedes into a zone of what we call, the past. The old car seems like a part of the family now. Absent is that desire for a new one. We have a history. We have seen a lot and traveled many roads together. There is no need for the shiny new paint or the fancy wheels of a replacement. We have a history. Yes, the things that we thought we needed and the things that we thought we needed to make anew, now hold almost no priority in our lives.

As age and the wisdom that grows with age, clears our vision and reorients our perspective, and we leave the years of cultural indoctrination behind, we finally discover what is really important. People!

Of all the things that are wrong or are going wrong with our great nation, what disturbs me now the most, is how we no longer value the true strength of our nation. We no longer value our people. A nation is its people. Any nation that fails to value its people is destined to become a footnote, to a litany of historical failures. I fear that the footnote for America has already been written and it’s just waiting to become some future printed words.


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