Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Redeployment of our Miltary in Iraq to our Southern Border

Sometimes the solution to one problem can lead to a solution to another problem. The ultimate solution to the Mexican immigration problem; lies in our assistance and partnership with all our southern neighbors to build economies that can effectively provide for their populations. In lieu of the implementation of such a strategy, it would probably make sense to at least temporarily, stop the immigration of people from the south to the north.

Short of building thousands of miles of border fencing that would turn our southern border into a DMZ like zone, the only reasonable short term security solution would be to use our regular military forces.

In the coming months, our hand wringing leaders on both sides of the aisle will be forced to talk about where our troops in Iraqi will be redeployed. They will be looking for the best way to spin our defeat. They will need a way to soften the upcoming national trauma of defeat and provide a mission for our broken military.

So why not redeploy our forces in Iraq to our southern border with Mexico? In addition to providing needed border security for our country, our military could train, rest, and reequip. We solve one problem, (border security) by solving another, (giving our military a mission and healing time).

Would anyone take an idea like this seriously? No, it makes too much sense.



Blogger Cait said...

Lawrence, I wish the aid to the Mexico, Central & South America would work. But here's the problem. Without exception, the governments of all the countries illegal immigrants flee are so corrupt that whatever we sent would never make it to the people who need it. It would go to line the pockets of whatever government officials are in power. We'll have the last laugh, though. The people who are leaving their countries, for the most part, would be some of their most productive citizens, if given a chance. They come here because they're desperate for a better life. They have a great work ethic. Most are so honest they squeak. And many of them will never go back to the hellholes they left. By the second generation, they will be citizens and damned productive ones. You'd better teach your kids to be bilingual, because all of these kids will be.

6:16 PM  
Blogger deuddersun said...

The money Mexico "makes" off of the drug trade and illegal immigration far exceeds any aid we have given them. Mexico is a disgrace. Their idea of social welfare is to "send them north". Bush and the Republi-cons quietly encourage this because it benefits their base, "the haves and the have mores..." (A quote by President Bush at a fundraiser describing his"base". Sorry Kristians, you are merely tools, Bush's real base is built on money.)

This is the second wave of the attack on organized labor by the Corporations. The jobs that couldn't be outsourced to cheap labor markets are now being insourced with cheap illegal immigrant labor.

These are not jobs Americans won't do, like picking lettuce or grapes, these are jobs in the Trades that have long been the domain of the "middle class" and the path for "middle class" children to achieve a higher socio-economic status than their parents. The American working class, the most taxed class, the class that built and supports our Nation is under attack.


9:27 AM  

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