Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Could it get any worse for the Republicans?

BOISE, Idaho - A defiant Sen. Larry Craig denied any wrongdoing Tuesday despite his guilty plea this summer in a men's room police sting, emphatically adding, "I am not gay. I have never been gay."

Could it get any worse for the Republicans? Another member of their flock, who likes to have sex in public restrooms with strange men, while preaching "family values" and voting against gay rights initiatives.

Just when they think that the last bomb has been dropped and the last skeleton has fallen out of the closet - they are blind-sided with another political catastrophe. Short of President Bush appearing on the steps of the White House, with horns, a pitchfork, a tail, and fire shooting out of his ass, they have had to endure an almost unending list of embarrassing revelations. I would almost feel a little sorry for the pathetic bastards, but then who deserves this more than they do?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time to dig up Saddam?

The crazy bastards who currently inhabit the White House have been telling me for over four years, that one of the primary missions of the United States is to establish a Democracy in Iraq. I was shown ink stained Iraqis bleating for freedom and right to be exploited by multi-nationals. I had to endure a puffed up like a bullfrog in heat president, extol the dreams of the Iraqi people and their yearnings for freedom. I had to listen, year after year, to corporate media water carriers debating the grand mission of Democracy while beating their bloated overfed chests.

Now, thanks to the miracle of CNN news, I hear a high-ranking military lapdog today say, that Iraq may not be ready for a Democracy! In fact, he thought that Iraq really needs someone like a strong man! Like maybe someone like Saddam Hussein?

After four years, billions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, we come to the conclusion that Iraq needs a strong man? There still might be time to dig up Saddam, put some makeup on him and prop him in front of a camera. Put a sword or shotgun in his hand and replay some of his old speeches. Even if the only thing that remains strong about him is his odor, it’s worth a shot. At this point,what do we have to lose?

Monday, August 20, 2007

End the Influence of Karl Rove Now!

Karl Rove is a criminal. He should not be welcomed in any city. He should not be allowed on any news program. He should be followed and protested wherever he tries to spread his lies and propaganda. Let everyone know who welcomes this Nazi, that you object this abomination of a man and his continued assault on our democracy. End the influence of Karl Rove now!

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Send the Rich Folks Home!

Politicians are very good at delivering their messages. Most tell us exactly what we want to hear. They combine message and image to mold and market an easily identifiable, coherent embodiment of their characters. Some politicians are particularly good at tapping into the mood and temperament of the electorate. With the right marketing, and the ability to memorize scripts, even a second rate actor, (or an idiot from Texas) can be shaped into a presidential persona.

I guess I understand that in an age of marketing and exploitation of the masses, one would out of necessity have to “package,” a candidate. What I take issue with is the fact that almost all these “packaged” candidates are from the same class. Let’s face it, they are all wealthy beyond the imaginations of ordinary, “go to work everyday,” hourly and salaried workers.

It is not the wealth of these candidates that bothers me, but the distance from which they perceive the realities of ordinary people. Their wealth and comfort distance them, from “our world” and make them completely incapable of understanding, “our reality.” Understanding our world becomes a detached exercise through a distorted lens of luxury and personal excess.

Finally, I cannot help questioning the sincerity and the problem solving abilities of wealthy candidates. Give me a candidate who knows what it’s like to be hungry and he will find a way to feed our people. Give me a candidate who has lost job after job, to outsourcing, and he will find a way to protect our jobs and industries. Give me a candidate who has lost a child to an ill-conceived war and he will find a way to keep us out of wars. Yes, give me an ordinary worker as my candidate and send the rich folks home!

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