Friday, August 03, 2007

Send the Rich Folks Home!

Politicians are very good at delivering their messages. Most tell us exactly what we want to hear. They combine message and image to mold and market an easily identifiable, coherent embodiment of their characters. Some politicians are particularly good at tapping into the mood and temperament of the electorate. With the right marketing, and the ability to memorize scripts, even a second rate actor, (or an idiot from Texas) can be shaped into a presidential persona.

I guess I understand that in an age of marketing and exploitation of the masses, one would out of necessity have to “package,” a candidate. What I take issue with is the fact that almost all these “packaged” candidates are from the same class. Let’s face it, they are all wealthy beyond the imaginations of ordinary, “go to work everyday,” hourly and salaried workers.

It is not the wealth of these candidates that bothers me, but the distance from which they perceive the realities of ordinary people. Their wealth and comfort distance them, from “our world” and make them completely incapable of understanding, “our reality.” Understanding our world becomes a detached exercise through a distorted lens of luxury and personal excess.

Finally, I cannot help questioning the sincerity and the problem solving abilities of wealthy candidates. Give me a candidate who knows what it’s like to be hungry and he will find a way to feed our people. Give me a candidate who has lost job after job, to outsourcing, and he will find a way to protect our jobs and industries. Give me a candidate who has lost a child to an ill-conceived war and he will find a way to keep us out of wars. Yes, give me an ordinary worker as my candidate and send the rich folks home!


Blogger Cait said...

It's not just prez candidates. I swear, GWB was a lot more reasonable when he was Guv. There is something about DC that causes elected officials to totally lose touch with reality and their constituents. In this time of high tech electronics and computers, I see no reason why we should be paying for Congressmen to live in DC. Let them live in their districts/constituencies, and daily face the people who elected them. Committees, conferences, voting, all can be handled via video-conferencing, computers, in real time even. There is simply no longer any need for Congressmen to live in DC. And an added bonus is it would drive the lobbyists mad. As it is, the lobbyists have all of them corralled inside the beltway and can buy them wholesale.

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