Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time to dig up Saddam?

The crazy bastards who currently inhabit the White House have been telling me for over four years, that one of the primary missions of the United States is to establish a Democracy in Iraq. I was shown ink stained Iraqis bleating for freedom and right to be exploited by multi-nationals. I had to endure a puffed up like a bullfrog in heat president, extol the dreams of the Iraqi people and their yearnings for freedom. I had to listen, year after year, to corporate media water carriers debating the grand mission of Democracy while beating their bloated overfed chests.

Now, thanks to the miracle of CNN news, I hear a high-ranking military lapdog today say, that Iraq may not be ready for a Democracy! In fact, he thought that Iraq really needs someone like a strong man! Like maybe someone like Saddam Hussein?

After four years, billions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, we come to the conclusion that Iraq needs a strong man? There still might be time to dig up Saddam, put some makeup on him and prop him in front of a camera. Put a sword or shotgun in his hand and replay some of his old speeches. Even if the only thing that remains strong about him is his odor, it’s worth a shot. At this point,what do we have to lose?


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