Sunday, October 14, 2007

Climate Change and the Kardashew Scale

Our civilization when rated on the Kardashev scale is a Type 0. We have yet to move into what Kardashev classifies as a Type 1 Civilization.

The renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, someone who is known for his ability translate the complexities of the cosmos in laymen’s terms, describes a Type 1 Civilization as: A civilization that would be able to manipulate truly planetary energies. They might, for example, control or modify their weather. They would have the power to manipulate planetary phenomena, such as hurricanes, which can release the energy of hundreds of hydrogen bombs. Perhaps volcanoes or even earthquakes may be altered by such a civilization.

So I guess the big questions are: Will our technology evolve in time to control the current course of planetary climate change? Will we at some point begin a modern version of the Dark Ages, if our climate spins out of control? Have we already lost the race between our ability to destroy the planet and our development of the tools necessary to save it?



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