Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just Say No to Mike Huckabee

So, how do you spell desperate if you are a Republican? Apparently their most recent mutation of the English language involves substituting Mike Huck-a-bee, when the word desperate would normally be used. Now usually, I would not object to a minor alteration of a word or words in the context of their normal linguistic evolution. But this time the Republicans have just pushed the envelope far beyond the limits of good taste. The logical and nightmarish extension of this linguistic abomination would be to then use Mike Huck-a-bee as a substitute for the time tested words, the President of the United States. A nightmare of all nightmares might then be possible with combining of both these time tested words with the new Republican mutation, to produce the words, President Huck-a-bee.

We can not under any circumstances allow the Republicans to run roughshod over our language. Accepting Mike Huck-a-bee as a substitute for the word desperate would be linguistically misguided and illogical. Contact your elected Republican representatives today. Say yes to maintaining the integrity of the word desperate and no to Mike Huck-a-bee!


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