Wednesday, February 06, 2008

John McCain’s Geriatric Express

John McCain’s Geriatric Express is about to set sail on a none stop, hell bent for leather, abortion in the making, run for the highest office in the land. The maverick, the reluctant ass kisser, the want-a-be religious conservative, the born-again NeoCon has somehow floated to the top of the Republican cesspool of unelectable candidates.

In spite of his best efforts, to fit in with the crazy Nazis and religious lunatics who control the Republican Party, he is still remembered and punished for his former, “up yours attitude.” The power base of the Republican Party will never accept him and many in the lunatic wing of the party will forever see him as a threat to their principles. He dared once to refuse to goose step to their parade of lies and deceit. And for that, he will always be the swine of the party, a mere water carrier, but never part of the elite.

Now this poor old deluded man is going to fling himself headlong into the meat grinder of doom. If he happens to make it through the next grueling months, without dying or becoming seriously ill, his presidential bid will most likely end in an embarrassing defeat of historic proportions. For John McCain, the path from tool of the party, to joke of the nation will be mercifully short. Unfortunately, history will forever attach, (deluded pathetic loser) to any reference that contains his name.


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