Friday, April 11, 2008

The Olympic Games, China and the Loss of our Manufacturing Jobs

This week marked the beginning of the corporate media’s celebration of Communist China’s entry into the world of legitimate, respected and honored countries. China’s hosting of the Olympic Games provides them with undeserved recognition and legitimacy. The corporate ruling class has foisted this gift of China’s Olympic hosting upon our people like a common charlatan selling death in a bottle and calling it the elixir of life. Millions of our jobs now exist in a place without freedom, without labor laws and without environmental protections. So we are now asked to accept and embrace this monster called China. They ask us to celebrate its coming of age. Perhaps we should ask the people of Martinsville, Virginia if they feel like celebrating this powerful new economy called China.

Globalization, trade and recession take a toll on Martinsville, Virginia
By Tony Pugh | McClatchy Newspapers

MARTINSVILLE, VA. — For nearly 100 years, the furniture industry powered the economy in this struggling town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now it's dying.
Martinsville's decline from a secure working-class town to a fading industrial shell of16,000 people is a familiar story in scores of other American cities as the downside of globalization and trade policies takes a toll on the nation's manufacturing base. Foreign competition, mainly from China, has trimmed more than 120,000 furniture industry jobs nationwide since 2000. That's about a third of the industry's U.S. workforce, said industry analyst Jerry Epperson. Read entire article here.


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