Sunday, April 27, 2008

Save Our People and Our Planet

The people of planet Earth have never before found themselves in such a precarious position. We face a multitude of challenges and problems unlike anything before. Because of its size and power, the United States stands at an intersection of historic proportions. We as a nation and we as a people have an appointment with one of two vastly different destinies. The choice we make could damage the planet forever; alter, slow down and possibly stop all human social and technological evolution. We could also begin a transition period that will ultimately end with our eventual evolution into a Type 1 Civilization.

Choice #1 could precipitate a Dark Age that could last a thousand years.

The last Dark Age was a period in European history that started around 800 AD and lasted until the beginning of the Renaissance. The era became known as the Dark Ages because of the introduction of Christian theocracy as the only guideline in all fields of endeavor. This created a halt to all progress, a suppression of all scientific knowledge and centuries of stagnation. The progress of Western civilization virtually stopped. The knowledge gained by the scholars of the classical age was lost and for nearly 600 years, life was governed by superstitions and fears which fueled ignorance.

The imposition of Christian theocracy was used as a means to an end by the ruling class. The driving forces behind the motivations for its imposition were rooted in a desire to stop change and all its possible cultural ramifications. Scholars of the classical age and their knowledge were seen as the seeds for the budding curiosity of early scientific minds. The ruling classes’ reaction to this threat of change and a threat to their power was to destroy the temples of knowledge built by the ancients and then salt the earth where their foundations had rested. The success of their reaction to change was complete and their domination of the culture was unchallenged for hundreds of years.

The progression of knowledge and advancements of science today have a “what if” quality to them. What if, we had not lost 600 years to ignorance and superstition? Would we already be part of a Type 1 civilization? Would the petroleum age be a mere footnote in our ancient history? Would threats to our planet’s environment be fanciful tales set in a world long ago? Would all the threats of war, famine and disease be distant problems that no longer posed a threat to mankind?

The warning signs for the coming of a new Dark Age swirl around our daily lives like demons from the past. Religious fundamentalism is rearing its ugly head all around the world. Here in the United States, we have seen a resurgence of religious extremism and corresponding increases in intolerance, xenophobia, and pseudo science belief systems like “Intelligent Design”. We also can see the warning signs of the coming of a new Dark Age in our news media, political parties and our governments. In the United States, an alliance between corporations, government and our news entities has produced a toxic mix of rigid control which is enabled and perpetuated by a powerful propaganda machine. Corporate America has essentially bought and paid for the ability to control the social, political and economic dynamics of our nation.

Our first choice is actually a choice to resist the power structures reaction. We must resist because the threats posed by the coming scientific and cultural revolutions of the 21st Century will most likely be the tipping point for the power structure in the United States. Seeing the loss of their ability to control the hearts, minds, social, political and economic dynamics of our country, they will react. Just like the reaction that started the first Dark Age, this reaction will be powerful and ruthless. A growing array of tracking, control and monitoring tools coupled with the power to project and maintain a sophisticated propaganda machine will give them almost unlimited power over our people. With total control as their motivation, they will use this power to stop and or alter significantly scientific and cultural evolution. They will plunge our country and then the world into the next Dark Age.

Choice #2 could lead our people to the doorstep of a Type 1 Civilization.

We as a species stand on the threshold of a new beginning. Our technology and science are poised to completely reshape our world in ways that we cannot begin to imagine. Recent advances and real world applications in genetics, bioengineering and nanotechnology are already beginning to reshape our world.

The ability to disseminate information and news instantaneously to anyone anywhere is creating a world wide collective consciousness. We are seeing the beginnings of this collective consciousness in all the industrialized countries which have connected populations.

Shared experience, information and knowledge are the foundations for this growing collective consciousness. With personal computers and the internet as the delivery mechanisms, we are collectively being exposed to information and opinion about everything everywhere, at the same time in the same way.

The decentralization of news and information gathering systems has empowered millions of people to understand that they now have a voice. They can know the same facts, they can act on the same problems, they can address the same issues and most importantly, they can do all these things, together. Computers and wireless mobile telecommunication systems have enabled millions of people to be continuously connected to family, friends and larger user defined networks.

Our second choice must be purchased by the desire of ordinary citizens using their own sophistication and intelligence to break free, at long last from the chains that have shackled the human race for thousands of years. For the first time, our technology offers us the ability to stand united. For the first time, ordinary people can stand united against the forces that would propagate fear and ignorance to control us. For the first time in the history of mankind, people throughout the world can decide their own destiny and the destiny of the planet.

Divided, we allow the forces of control to triumph once again.

United, we will bring a new world to the people and to the planet!

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