Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Americans are Dumb!

For most of my life, I have tried to give my fellow citizens the benefit of the doubt. I made a conscious or unconscious excuse for everything about them which made me feel uncomfortable. I rationalized their behavior. I saw them as vessels that were half full rather than half empty. Americans, I would say are good people at heart and have been just led astray by the forces of evil and greed. They are just hapless souls in a sea of exploitation and thus not entirely responsible for their actions.

I say this no more. The average shopping mall fixated, SUV driving, god fearing American is just plain dumb. Yes, they are outstandingly ignorant and in many cases proud of it. Their minds have become solidified by inactivity, their cognitive functions and conscious minds have been altered permanently by the exposure to years of marketing and propaganda. Many are illiterate or semi-literate with no knowledge of history, geography, mathematics, or even their own government. They think in reactive patterns which reinforces the twisted simplified world view spooned into their brains by religious perverts, money grubbing corporations and lying politicians.

Should we scratch our heads and wonder why, when those of us with active frontal lobes see national polls that indicate that nearly half of our nation supports the McSame/Pain campaign? No, we should expect the worst. It is sad to say, but our nation is populated with beings whose attention span can be measured in seconds and for the most part don’t want to get involved in the “critical thinking and information gathering” necessary for the success of a modern democracy.

So how do we react when 46 percent of the population has their heads so far up their asses, that they think a 72 year old lying piece of shit would be a good president? And this is after 8 years of an idiot in the White House.

If McSame/Pain wins the election, I plan to seek political asylum in whatever country will take an old fat white guy. Remember just because it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Dumb asses do dumb ass things – take George Bush – please?


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