Sunday, September 07, 2008

If John McCain Wins

If John McCain wins the presidency, all is lost for America - and possibly the planet. With the looming crisis of global warming (another vast pressing and almost untouched issue in American politics), there are distinct possibilities of a future filled with climatic changes on a scale that would fundamentally alter the evolution of our species.

We are in a race that we may have already lost - religion, especially Christianity may be ultimately responsible - having spawned the dark ages, thus setting science and the development of technology back by several hundred years. Future historians will be able to more accurately judge exactly the cause for our undoing - that is of course, if there are future historians.

Only our technology will give us a chance at saving our planet. If we miss technological milestones by only a year - all will be lost. The latest scientific predictions talk about the possibility of the beginning of a climate not seen for some 55 million years!

So yes we in America, we in the world, could use some non-corporate bought and sold leadership. The future of our children and our children's children depend on it. There is no time for anything less.

Let's hope the next generation will not forever have the question on their lips, "Why did they do nothing to stop this?" "Why were they so stupid, so shortsighted, and so selfish?"



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