Sunday, October 12, 2008

The mob among us

Most of us were taken aback by the surrealistic scenes of supporters during Sarah Palin’s most recent rallies. And what a nightmare it was! Sending pundits from the right and left into shock and denial. Hundreds of hostile angry people shouting hostile angry words, as if there was no tomorrow. Words like terrorist and kill him assaulted the senses. The same hate filled the air that has driven mobs of men for a millennium, to commit unspeakable acts of violence and cruelty.

The talk of course from the media and politicians was centered on Palin’s incitement of the situations. How she used this phrase or that word to “get the crowd agitated”. No one seemed to talk about the crowds themselves. No one talked about how we got to the point where our political rallies resembled lynch mobs.

For all the Rush Limbaughs and Fox News reporters, this has always been a little self-serving game. Do what you are told by the bosses, keep the ratings up and go home with fat paychecks. It was a game, a game that paid the bills.
There is one problem here. There are people in the United States who actually believe the lies and propaganda that the far right has been pouring into their brains. This is not a game to them! This is the real thing!

I imagine in the months and years to come, we will see more from the mob among us. I would not rule out the possibility of violence. The far right has in its obsession for power created this brainwashed mob. I do hope they understand that their mob may someday turn on its creator.



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