Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Bad Joke Called Christmas

All right – how many of you out there feel just a little uneasy with this Christmas thing? No - I am not talking about the usual, “I can hardly wait to get all my damn shopping done unease.” I am talking about something completely different. It is something that comes from both your heart and mind at the same time. Moreover, that something keeps clawing at you – telling you something is not right with this – something does not make sense?

The answer is really quite simple. Christmas is a holiday that really only celebrates consumption. The more we engage in consumption the better the Christmas, right? And the birth of this Christian Savior (Jesus) is a rationalization for this whole crock of consuming shit? So exactly what does the birth of the son of the Christian deity have to do with the consuming of massive quantities of goods and services? How exactly does this honor or celebrate the birth of this individual?

The answer is that it does not celebrate anything except the fact that thousands of companies have successfully convinced millions of people to buy shit that they do not need or really even want.

So celebrate this birthday as if it is a birthday. I imagine a simple offering to the Christian deity would probably suffice (I believe this works in other religions). But for Christ’s sake (no pun intended), do not spend the next month maxing out your VISA card, so all your kids can have everything they have seen for the last three months on television. Get a clue – the bad joke is on you and its called Christmas!


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