Saturday, November 22, 2008

Center-Right Nation Watch

There has been a major change in the political landscape brought about by a seismic shift of the political plates of public opinion. The shift has most definitely been toward the left. The overall political leaning now of the majority of Americans has been labeled accurately as center-left.

For anyone who believes that our media has distanced itself from the right wing’s propaganda machine should be advised. Beginning immediately after election night, our media is now parroting their center-right mantra a total of 240 times a day.

"Center-Right Nation" Watch - Study Shows References Spiked Immediately After Election Day
by: David Sirota

When I wrote my first column about the "center-right nation" and subsequently launched the "Center-Right Nation Watch" series on this blog I predicted that the news media would actually increase its usage of this term after Obama won. I did a Lexis-Nexis search of the term, and was the first to note the trend and make the prediction that "if Obama wins, expect more frantic talk from the fringe about how electing a black man billed as an Islamic Karl Marx obviously means our country is more conservative than ever." Read entire article here.

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