Saturday, January 10, 2009

Psychological Evaluations for our Political Candidates

Before this whole Blagojevich selling of a senate seat scandal broke in the media, most of the residents of Illinois, myself included had already come to the conclusion that our Governor had some sort of mental issues. Four years ago, I attended a Democratic event in Springfield that was attended by all our major state officials. At the time, no one in Rod Blagojevich’s own party had anything positive to say about the Governor. In speech after speech they made not so subtle references to their disagreements with the Governor. Elected and appointed officials alike seemed to all have some kind of issue with Blagojevich's style or actions.

In the years that followed Governor Blagojevich has become an object of ridicule and sometimes outright hatred. Many were counting the days to the end of his term. Thankfully for our state, Rod finally pushed the envelope just a little too far, resulting in an impeachment and what looks to be a pretty serious criminal indictment.

My point here is that many of us have known for a long time that there was something seriously wrong with our Governor. As everyone witnessed, he seemed to be almost delusional in recent news conferences. Having no training in mental illnesses, I am not qualified to diagnose what type of malady Rod Blagojevich suffers from. Millions in Illinois and around world know in their hearts that the Governor is not playing with a full deck. He most certainly suffers from so sort of mental illness.

In our society we are constantly tested from the time we first enter grammar school to our first job application. It is now standard practice to give psychological tests during the hiring process. Employers want to examine our psychological profiles. They want to see if we will fit the job or if we have profiles that would inhibit either task completion or future professional growth.

Why is it that we don’t require our leaders, some of whom end up to be some of the most powerful people in the world, to take psychological evaluations? One simple test could have saved the people of Illinois and the country, a lot of grief. Sorry, Mr. Blagojevich or Mr. Bush, your psychological profiles make you unsuitable to hold public office. This seems to make sense to me; does anyone else feel the same way? Is it asking too much to have the comfort of knowing that our leaders are not crazy before we vote for them?


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