Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ethix Merch leading the way in marketing Union made Products!

Secretary of State Clinton explained to the Chinese media during her recent visit, "We have to incur more debt … the US needs the investment in Treasury bonds to shore up its economy to continue to buy Chinese products."

Joshua Holland in his most recent article, The Spectacular, Sudden Crash of the Global Economy very nicely sums up the rise and fall of the global economy. He writes: In a short period of months, the entire system of global capitalism has screeched to a halt. No one knows what happens next. Read entire article here.

In my mind what happens next is a return to the past. I have memories of touring a shoe factory near a city where I grew up. Yes, we used to make shoes in the United States. My father owned shoes that were made less than 20 miles away from where he lived! And these shoes were made by union workers who took pride in what they did earned a decent wage for doing it.

We need to return to the local and regional production of goods that we now buy from production facilities located thousands of miles away. The days of exploitation are over. It is time to build new local/regional economies that are environmentally friendly and provide dignity and rights to workers.

Companies like Ethix Merch are leading the way in marketing high quality union made products at affordable prices. I encourage you to check out their web site. We can change things for the better. Companies like Ethix Merch and you will make it happen!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forcing Burger King to Backtrack on Employee Free Choice

Reposted from Open Left
by ZP Heller

All week long, Brave New Films, SEIU and many progressive bloggers have been holding Burger King's feet to the deep fryer. Together we exposed Burger King's horrendous working conditions; launched a contest asking people to Have It Their Way with Goldman Sachs (Burger King's top shareholder) for squandering $6.5 billion of the bailout on bonuses while average BK workers earn less than the federal poverty line; and staged peaceful demonstrations at Burger Kings across the country protesting the fast-food chain's low wages, lack of healthcare, and lobbying against unionization legislation. So what was Burger King's response? They served up this flamebroiled pile of garbage yesterday: "Burger King Corp. (BKC) believes unions serve a purpose in some workplaces and a number of its guests, vendors and franchisees have positive union membership experiences. BKC is not anti-union. BKC and its franchisees serve a diverse consumer base and, therefore, aim to remain neutral on political issues."
Read entire article here

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Republican Obstruction of the Stimulus Marks the Beginning of the End of the Party

The final chapter of the Republican Party began this week. Their very public obstruction and then overwhelming vote against President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has forever seared a negative image of them into the minds of millions of Americans. The Daily Kos Weekly State of the Nation Poll for the week Feb 09, 2009 - Feb 12, 2009, shows the current level of dislike for the current crop of Republican robots in Congress. The Democratic Party is only five points down in net favorability in the South, the GOP's "stronghold", while it blows them away in every other region. (kos, The obstructionist's dilemma)

Once the effect of the stimulus starts to make a difference in our economy, (as surely it will) the Republicans will be left with a voting record on the stimulus, that will haunt them for a generation or more. No amount of media propaganda or corporate spin will be able to resurrect their image. With their no votes in the House of Representative and Senate this week, they clearly said no to America and yes to their corporate masters. This week is the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. Their days as a viable political party are over!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Only in America Could Misery Be Turned Into a Commodity

By Joe Bageant, JoeBageant.com. Posted February 11, 2009.

Stress, depression and loneliness permeate daily life in America. Yet psychiatrists try to sell us on the idea that the pain is ours alone.

HOPKINS VILLAGE, Belize -- Sitting down here in Central America, happily abusing my health, occasionally, between the hangovers and the bouts with sand fleas and mosquitoes comes an insight or two, or at least what passes for insight in my lowbrow take on life.

One of these is just how damned lucky the Third World is that it cannot afford a sophisticated mental health system. By that I mean the kind like in the "developed countries," where murder and suicide rates are quintuple what they are here in this village. Not that we are without own village resources. Read entire article here.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Congress should visit an Unemployment Office

Is our system broken beyond repair? Do we need to start again with a new form of government? Watching our national legislatures deal with the most significant crisis in our nation’s history makes me ill! What are these people thinking? Have any of them ever been in an unemployment line? Do they know what it feels like to come home to their husband or wife with the news of a job loss? Have any of them had to apply for food stamps? Do they know what it is like to swallow life long pride in a line at the public aid office? Have any of them lost their homes? Do they know what it is like to not know where they will sleep next? I think not!

Perhaps during one of their next junkets to their local districts or states, our representatives should spend some time at an unemployment office, a public aid office or watch a local sheriff evict a homeowner. Perhaps these experiences would jolt them into the reality that all too many Americans are already familiar with.

Like many progressives in this country, I am impatient and increasingly pessimistic about the chances for real change in this country. Before the election, I explained to a less than knowledgeable but very enthusiastic Obama supporter, that no matter what happens in the election, the people who truly run our country are not likely to go quietly into the night. It will take more than one election to return power to its rightful place. There are many battles ahead and I wonder if Americans are up to the challenge? Only time will tell!

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