Saturday, February 07, 2009

Congress should visit an Unemployment Office

Is our system broken beyond repair? Do we need to start again with a new form of government? Watching our national legislatures deal with the most significant crisis in our nation’s history makes me ill! What are these people thinking? Have any of them ever been in an unemployment line? Do they know what it feels like to come home to their husband or wife with the news of a job loss? Have any of them had to apply for food stamps? Do they know what it is like to swallow life long pride in a line at the public aid office? Have any of them lost their homes? Do they know what it is like to not know where they will sleep next? I think not!

Perhaps during one of their next junkets to their local districts or states, our representatives should spend some time at an unemployment office, a public aid office or watch a local sheriff evict a homeowner. Perhaps these experiences would jolt them into the reality that all too many Americans are already familiar with.

Like many progressives in this country, I am impatient and increasingly pessimistic about the chances for real change in this country. Before the election, I explained to a less than knowledgeable but very enthusiastic Obama supporter, that no matter what happens in the election, the people who truly run our country are not likely to go quietly into the night. It will take more than one election to return power to its rightful place. There are many battles ahead and I wonder if Americans are up to the challenge? Only time will tell!


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