Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rove and Cheney: War Criminals Among US

As Rachel Maddow is fond of saying during her news hour, “I need someone to talk me down” as to why there are so many criminals from the last administration still able to walk among us? Not only are they allowed to walk among us, but they are allowed to give interviews and pretend to be journalists! When will people like Rove and Cheney be held accountable for the great crimes they have committed? There are certainly many others from the Bush administration who also need to serve time behind bars. But can someone tell me if any of these people will ever pay for the damage they have caused? Each time the corporate media gives the Bush administration criminals another chance to repeat their lies, spin, and propaganda; I am almost driven into convulsions. Please someone, convince me that someday these bastards will have to pay for their crimes. For gods sake is there no real justice in America? Someone please tell me that one day, I will never have to again endure the media sanctioned pronouncements of war criminals!

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