Sunday, April 25, 2010

Legal Victory Raises Profile of an Atheist Group

MADISON, Wis. — Annie Laurie Gaylor clicked through a flurry of e-mail messages warning her to repent or she would burn in hell.

“Herod,” one messenger called her.

Ms. Gaylor leaned back and sipped from a cup of tea, unfazed and even a bit surprised at the relative tameness of the attacks. Fresh from her latest godless triumph, she had expected more vitriol.

“It used to be a lot worse,” said Ms. Gaylor, 54, an atheist whose organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, recently won a suit in federal court here that declared the National Day of Prayer to be a violation of the First Amendment. “Things are changing. Society is becoming more secularized. It’s becoming acceptable to be atheist and agnostic. And there are more of us.” Read entire article here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Notice to the people who take Glenn Beck seriously

You are all brainwashed morons! And you all suck!

This is bullshit: Jeff Jarvis TEDxNYED talk

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